Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Through new eyes

It's been really fun watching Dave be a dad. I think the world of him anyway - he's a wonderful husband, my best friend and an overall quality guy - but even more so now as I watch him in the new role of dad. I have to be intentional, though, about giving him the chance. I get so used to being with Daniel on my own that I forget to share when Dave gets home.

On Sunday evening, I cleaned up the dinner dishes and let them play. It was so much fun to hear Dave making up songs and to watch them playing peekaboo, reading books and laughing together. It's also good to see how Dave interacts differently with Daniel than I do. I've heard that moms tend to hold their kids close and dads tend to push them and play rougher with them, but I had no idea the hanging upside down would come so soon!


Ruth Chowdhury said...

Ha!! I love it! It's so important for our children to have time with Daddy... and for Daddy to be able to do whatever they want with our kids - they love them too & although they do things WAY differently, it doesn't mean bad or wrong. I'm glad you already have this figured out. Took me awhile. :)

his wife, their mama said...

In words and photo you captured the special daddy/child bond. It's a beautiful photo Sarah, thanks for sharing that moment with me!

Katie said...

so great! :)