Thursday, May 08, 2008

We are back in business!!

With the cars, at least. The other resident who was on call at the hospital last night offered to let Dave take her car home and bring it back when he came in this morning, so Dave got to come home! Hurray!! First thing this morning, we took her car to pick up Dave's car from the shop. I drove Dave's car back to the hospital to get my car. The plan was to have my car towed to the auto shop near our house, then I could walk home from there. But the car started!! We wondered if the problem last night was because of the rain and it was. The distributor cap was pretty old and was leaking. The best part is that the repairs for both cars weren't nearly as expensive as they could have been. We were thinking we could have an issue with the starter and the brakes could have ended up being quite costly. Also, we should be getting our rebate check next week, which will cover these extra expenses without having to dip into the emergency fund, since our car repair fund has run out. It means that less will go to paying back student loans, but it also means that our emergency fund remains intact should a real emergency arise. I guess this way some of our "stimulus" rebate will go toward two local businesses.

Now if only I could get all my thesis edits done in the midst of the other craziness... (PLEASE keep praying for that one - for diligence, focus and the ability to think and write clearly so I can GET THIS THING OUT OF MY LIFE and move on!!)


Jungle Mom said...

That is good to hear and I will continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

Sarah did a good job describing everything that has happened. It has been a crazy car week!

Sarah left out two parts to this past week's car troubles. 1 week ago today, I left the house low on fuel. I made it maybe 8-10 blocks, but I was still 4 blocks from the gas station when I ran out of gas. Sarah had to bring the gas can to me, which luckily had a little gas in it. Using that, I made it to the gas station. Then we had the brake business on Monday.

Tuesday I decided to mow the lawn. Halfway through mowing, the mower ran out of gas. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that the gas can was with car in the shop for its brakes. So, our lawn is currently half-mowed.

The whole sequence has been:
Thursday - run out of gas
Monday - run out of brakes!
Tuesday - mower runs out of gas
Wednesday - Other car won't start

I think I've got a curse on me for anything with a motor!