Wednesday, May 07, 2008

and another one bites the dust...

So Dave just called from the hospital. Now the other car won't start. It's not a dead battery - it turns over; it just won't start. The first car is still at the shop, since we had no way to get there to pick it up today before they closed. I planned to go with Dave on his way to work tomorrow morning to pick it up. So he's stuck at the hospital and I'm at home and we currently have no car in our possession that is working!

In the grand scheme of things, I know it's not that big of a deal; we'll definitely survive. I've lived without a car before and the majority of people around the world live their whole lives without a car. But it helps when you can plan on it ahead of time! It does mean that Dave can't come home and I can't run the errands I wanted to run that are not within walking or biking distance. But at least there are beds and food at the hospital. Dave's going to see if the person on call tonight might be able to drop him off in the morning to pick up the first car. In the meantime, we'll figure out what to do with this car!

I realize now that I could have taken the bus to go get his car, but since it would have involved several transfers on the bus, walking several miles in the rain at either end of the bus line, or taking my bike along and then trying to fit it in the car once I got there, I figured it would be easier to just wait and go in the morning. It just happens to be at a mechanic's shop across town because it was closer to have it towed there and because we knew our normal guy was closed already and it's not a safe place to leave a car outside overnight.

I'm sure I sound frustrated, and I am a bit, but I also find this quite ironic and a bit humorous! I'm not sure how much this is an attack on our work and ministry or if God is trying to grab our attention for something, but I'm praising Him right through if it's an attack and my eyes are open if he's trying to show me something.

I just looked at the bus schedule and it looks like Dave could ride the bus home, and ride it back again in the morning in time for his morning lecture, but it would be an hour and a half each way. I think I'd just as soon stay at the hospital than spend 3 hours on the bus, even if I could sleep in my own bed!

Well, I'd better get back to the pot of soup on the stove...

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