Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Showing off Detroit

Last weekend, out friends Shaun and Courtney came to visit before Courtney leaves for Kenya for the summer. On Saturday, we showed them some of the sights around Detroit, including the Heidelberg Project, an outdoor art exhibit addressing many of the urban issues in Detroit (read more here and here). One of my favorite parts is the dot house:We had a picnic lunch at Belle Isle (complete with Dave climbing the rafters!)We also visited the Conservatory. I had never been before and it was amazing! Plus, it’s free! Here’s a sampling of what we saw:

It's a nice spot for taking family pictures:
And silly ones too:
I love this picture of Shaun and Courtney, though Courtney finds it less than amusing, since most of their wedding pictures look like this too!
I took a zillion pictures of the tulips out front, in an attempt to practice my photography skills, but most of them didn't turn out very well. I had the shutter speed and aperture balanced well for the lighting (yes!), but I think I had the shutter speed set too fast to capture the details of the petals very well. Here are a couple that were okay:
Harold the pug also got quite the photo shoot:
Since we live 5 miles from Canada (is that crazy or what!?) and Shaun had never been, we HAD to make a trip to Canada. Shaun was super-excited, so we documented everything.
We went 5 pin Canadian bowling, since it's something you can only do in Canada. Try explaining to the immigration officer why you have to come to Canada to go bowling! Since it was Saturday night, they had music and lights and our shoes glowed.
We had a fun time and I love showing people the various sides of our city. And just imagine, YOU too could have this much fun should you decide to visit us in Detroit!


Jungle Mom said...

The shots are great!!!Is 5 pin bowling like candle Pin? They play that in New England, the pins are smaller.I am wondering if it is similar.
Funky bowling shoes!!!

Julie said...

Growing up our youth group used to go 5 pin bowling every year. So fun!

Love the pictures. Glad you had such a great visit!

Arielle said...

I was just in Detroit Thursday night for the Tigers game :-). It was fun!