Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No news and sad news

First the “no news” – contrary to what I may have led you to believe in the last post (completely unintentionally), we are NOT expecting a baby any time soon. Just wanted to clear that up. It’ll probably be at least a year or two before we’re there. And don’t worry – I will let you all know! I meant it would be good preparation someday, but not today!

Now for the sad news – our little kitty Miles has been sick for several months. This weekend he got much worse and we were at the point where there was really nothing left we could do. So this morning we had to take him in and let him go. Lots of tears. The vet looked like he was about to cry too. He’s been working so hard for this cat for several months and never thought it would come to this point either. I don’t think I realized just how much I loved him until I had to let him go. He’s spent most of the last two months laying in my lap while I worked, but really not feeling well or being able to play like a healthy cat. He was a really sweet little guy and we’ll miss him a lot. Marshall is definitely acting sad and seems a little upset - like he can tell something's wrong but he's not totally sure what it is.


Julie said...

It's funny that you said that about having babies. When Dave called our house the other night I wondered if you guys were telling us you were pregnant. Why else would someone call that late? I forgot that you were at the UP house... he he he.

So sorry about your kitty. I hope the other one adjusts ok.

Jungle Mom said...

So sorry. It hurts so.Glad the kitty had you there to ease his last months.