Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Surviving the Craziness

Wow. How can I be so tired when it’s only Wednesday? And we still have a crazy week in front of us!? Dave went in to work at 6:00 this morning and works through the night. Theoretically, he should work until noon tomorrow, but he has to go in for a medical procedure at 6am. So he’ll leave at 5:00, come home to get me (so I can drive him home when he’s done) and be at his normal hospital signed in at 6:00. He’ll be zonked out most of the day on Thursday. On Friday, he goes in again at 6am and works until noon on Saturday. We’re supposed to go to a graduation open house in the afternoon and then have a hospital dinner for all the graduating interns and residents Saturday night. Sunday morning, he goes back in again at 6:00 and works until noon on Monday. He’ll come home to sleep on Monday but I’ll be leaving about the time he’s getting up. This means that he’s working 84 out of 126 hours between today and Monday. Originally, he was supposed to be at his hospital this month and have this weekend off. His schedule was also just right for the procedure on Thursday. But when he showed up for work the first day of the month, he got a page from the other hospital (where he sometimes does out rotations) asking where he was. It turns out he was scheduled to be at the other hospital for the month but nobody told him, and it wasn’t listed that way on the schedule he had. It kind of threw our June schedule into disarray and created this crazy weekend, but that’s life as a resident. Pray for us if you would. When the schedule gets this crazy, we don’t really see each other much and our communication tends to be less than ideal.

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