Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Missing Keys

If anyone happens by here today, please pray that my keys will reappear. I have searched the house from top to bottom and cannot find them anywhere. They have to be here somewhere because I used them to unlock the door when I came home yesterday. I have an extra car key and house key, but I don't have a key to my bike lock and the lock on our gate, both of which I needed to bike today instead of drive.

In the meantime, this is a good exercise in not being anxious, but trusting God for everything. It's also a lesson in organization, telling me that I should always keep things in the same spot. I obviously don't have a good spot for my keys.


PEZmama said...

I HAVE a good place for my keys.

And I still lose them.

Hope you've already found them, but I will say a prayer anyway.

Julie said...

I hope you found them :) When I lose mine, it's because I've left them in the door.

Sarah Halter said...

I still haven't found them. I checked the door and all around the porch just in case. I checked all my normal spots. I checked under all the furniture in case the cat got off playing with them. I checked under all the piles of paper. I even checked in the refrigerator because I remember getting some yogurt out of it not too long after I got home. I checked every pocket of every bag I used yesterday. Tomorrow might be a mega organizing day to put everything in the house away until I find my keys.

I think when all is said and done, I need to get something that I can make beep on my keys, like a cordless phone finder. But what happens when I can't find the thing to make it beep!?

I really wonder where they are. This could be quite funny when it's all said and done. I sure hope they didn't fall in a garbage can, since we emptied all the trash in our house last night and today was trash pick-up day. Eek!

The main reason I don't have a specific place for them is that the most conventient and logical place would be somewhere near where I come in the front door. But I'm paranoid to have them anywhere visible in case someone saw them and decided to break in and get them while we were sleeping (yes, it happened on some crime tv show that a friend told me about once).