Friday, November 24, 2006

Relaxing after Thanksgiving

Today has been a good day after Thanksgiving. In the morning, I went with Ellen to the center where they work for a meeting. We went back to the same house as yesterday to eat leftovers for lunch. (We didn’t take any back to Ellen and Elijah’s last night because the fridge isn’t working right now.) Yum!

We came home, made chocolate chip cookies. We have no idea how many we ate (a lot), but we just kept saying, “It’s Thanksgiving.” Then we all 3 played Phase 10 and watched a movie. It’s nice to relax and take the weekend off.

This morning, as I prayed, I asked God to give me joy in my last 5 weeks. I want the time to go quickly because then I’ll see Dave sooner, but I also want to enjoy the time I have because as soon as Dave comes, my time in Kenya and my time in the village is up. I don’t want to rush through it and then wish I could go back and savor it more. So please pray with me for joy and grace to finish well and to be present in the village, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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