Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More pictures

Visiting Pastor Kepher's house after church.
Back (L-R): Peter, Mom, Edward, Kepher, Dad
Middle: Charles (Kepher's brother)
Front (L-R): Joyce, Noel

Me with Noel and Pastor Kepher

With Jessica, the Peace Corps volunteer. When mom came, she had a baggie with about 10 grapes in it. I ate a few of them a savored everyone and then we took the rest to Jessica. She was just as excited as I was!!

Mukabane, my neighbor who drives a boda boda. He is the one who carried mom in the other picture (see below).

Dad showing Ian, Brian and Mukuna his camera (I think)

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Anonymous said...

Bob was having a great time playing with the boys & the match box cars we gave them. He was running it along their legs.

One of our striking observations in the village was that we saw NO toys or books anywhere! The kids play with sticks, empty plastic bottles or other trash. On the other hand they do learn how to entertain themselves without having to rely on TV or video games!!