Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Missing fall

On Sunday I also talked to Dave and to my parents on the phone, which made me so happy. Dave was telling me about going to an apple farm/cider mill with his family and getting apples, apple cider, pumpkins, etc. which reminded me that it really is October, even though here it is still hot and green. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. I love October. There’s always something nostalgic about fall. It’s the time school is starting again. There’s something nostalgic about feeling the seasons change – the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing color, the wind blowing, putting on a sweater for the first time. I never feel like I can describe the feeling in a way that makes sense. Anyway, hearing about the cider mill reminded me that it really is October and that I am missing fall again.

The other thing that October means, though, is that my parents are coming. Less than 2 weeks! I am really excited to see them and to be able to just talk without them calling me 5 times in a 40 minute conversation and being cut off whenever the phone card finishes (although I am also VERY grateful for those phone conversations this time around). They will finally be able to see this place where I have lived and that feels so comfortable. They will meet my family, visit my friends, eat Kenyan food.

October also means that December is coming sooner and that Dave will finally come. I realized last week that I still had 11 weeks before he came, which seemed like a long time. About 40% left of the time we’re apart. Then I realized that I only had 2 weeks until mom and dad come. Then 2 weeks that they’re here. Then it’s only 7 weeks until Dave comes. That seems much more manageable. Besides, when I think about finishing my research, it seems like an incredibly short time so surely I can stay busy and persevere until he comes! At least in the end, we’ll be stronger for it all.

Well, dinner is ready and I’ve written a ton today. I guess when it rains it pours. Which by the way is what it does here. Love you all,

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Anonymous said...

Sarah -
Well, so much for fall in northern Michigan! There was snow on the ground yesterday morning - it only stuck on the grass, the pavement was clear. But I'm guessing we had about 3". Today there is probably another 6". And more snow is expected tonight! There are still some leaves on the tree to fall, the ones on the ground already have not been raked up, the flowers hanging on the front porch are still hanging and nothing has been dug up or cut back and the deck furniture is still out on the deck! It is a little unusual to have this much snow this early in October. We are all hoping for a nice stretch of Indian summer weather so we can get our fall chores done! We had a great time at the cider mill, doing fall stuff, and I'm so glad we did it last weekend!

It was fun to log on and find your new blog entries this morning. We hope you are feeling better and that you don't really have malaria. Dave said he didn't think you had it; hopefully just a virus. Take care of yourself - OK?

We love you much! Cheryl