Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Malaria and Spiritual Battles

The last two weeks have been tough. I’ve really felt attacked from all sides. I felt like Job, where before the first servant finished telling him what had happened, the next had come with more bad news. It seemed like everything had gone wrong in the last 2 weeks, some things I can’t even share. The last thing that pushed it over the edge was getting malaria. At least now I understand for myself how big a problem malaria really is. You don’t want to eat, you’re too tired to do anything, you just feel awful. I know that all of this is mostly a spiritual battle. God has shown me ways in which he wants to use this work to bring wholeness, unity and health to the community and I know that the enemy fights that. (I’ve totally lost some of you now – just hang with me.) On Sunday afternoon, a group of 5 pastors and church leaders came to visit me to see how I was doing and to encourage me. They told me that they love me and that they are together with me. They told me not to be thinking, “If my mom were here…” or “if my husband were here…” or “if I were home…” which was exactly what I had been thinking all day. All I wanted was a box of macaroni and cheese. Anyway, we talked together and they prayed with me and encouraged me not to give up and they really saved me from being swallowed by discouragement. I could see that the worst was over. They really encouraged me and I’ve recommitted myself to trusting God and depending fully on God for my strength, my vision and my work. I’m taking time to rest. But also I just feel okay. Everything will be okay. The trials are coming to a close. I still have some of the effects to deal with, but the difficulties are over.

The whole day on Sunday, there were people who came by to check on me because they heard I was sick. People prayed for me here at home. They prayed for me at 3 different churches. I could really tell that people here love me and accept me as their own. It was a good feeling.

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Neyhart said...

Hello Sarah - I asked Molly about you on Sunday, or maybe it was friday at the halloween party, i don't remember, but anyway, she told me about the malaria - know that i'm praying for you alot! i'm so encouraged by your continued testimony of God's work in your life, the ways He is using you and will continue to do so... I love you and I'm praying for you!
-Jennifer Neyhart