Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daniel and Marshall

I guess with me, it's all or nothing. (Is it all or nothing with you? It can't be in between. It can't be now and then... Extra points if you can name that musical!) I either write regularly or not at all. Hmm.

Marshall (the cat) has taken to jumping up in my lap while I'm nursing Daniel and curling up in what space is left on my knees. I've always wished I could get Dave to take a picture, but he really only does it in the middle of the night or when no one else is home, since that's when he doesn't have any other options. A couple times, I've ended up with Daniel on one shoulder and Marshall on the other and I did manage to get a picture of that yesterday.

Now that Daniel is becoming very aware of what's around him, he watches Marshall a lot more. Since Daniel moves around more and has more interesting toys (things that hang, swing and play music), Marshall pays a lot more attention to him too. Daniel has been reaching for things, and now he reaches out to touch Marshall whenever he's in range. He mostly just pats him softly, and as he does, I've been saying, "gentle." I'm hoping this will reinforce what gentle means and we'll be able to use that association later when he tries to grab Marshall's fur/tail/leg/etc. or pet him a little too enthusiastically.

It has been fun watching them interact and get to know each other. I'm guessing they'll be buddies later, though I'm sure there will be plenty of times when Marshall has to go hide!

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megs92 said...

"No half-and-half romance will do!" Oklahoma! What a classic :)

I can't believe how big Daniel is! I'm really enjoying the updates on both of you.