Monday, June 15, 2009


Dave and I love Indian food (well, just about any good food), but we haven't had much lately because we hadn't found an Indian place we liked and I hadn't made time to cook anything at home. We've found great Thai, Ethiopian and Mexican nearby, but Indian has been hit and miss. On a friend's recommendation (thanks Nishba!) we tried another place yesterday and had a fabulous dinner. The dishes we had were really good (I just had leftovers for lunch!) and Dave and I had such a sweet time together. I don't remember what all we talked about, but it wasn't all baby stuff, and we had a really great relaxed time just sharing and laughing together. Good times for sure.


Ruth Chowdhury said...

You MUST tell me where this is! I have yet to find the best Indian food around... Please?! ;)

Sarah Halter said...

We went to Priya ( in Troy - at 15 mile and Livernois. She also recommended Ashoka (, also in Troy - on Rochester Rd just north of I-75.

megs92 said...

Yay for fun dates! I'm glad you two had such a nice time. I knew a girl in college named Priya... The next ethnic restaurant we want to check out here is a Peruvian one. Yum!