Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I think it is officially hot. It's around 90 outside and 80 inside. Not so bad with a fan, but there are only so many fans in the house to go around :) At least I've learned not to leave the windows open during the day!

The cat's pretty much been sleeping most of the last few days. Last night I found him sleeping in the windowsill in front of the open window in the bathroom! I don't think I'm extra hot from being pregnant, just hot because it's hot. Dave suggested going to the DIA or the library where there's air conditioning, but I think I might be more inclined to go down to the basement, chill on the couch and finish a movie I started recently. Maybe with some ice cream. I'm feeling a little tired to be on my feet around the museum. And the exhibit I want to see will still be there another 3 weeks.

Dave said it's okay to take a siesta in the afternoon on hot days like this, as long as I don't check out for the rest of the summer! He reminded me that last year we had hot weeks and then it would cool down again. It's supposed to be more in the low 80's later in the week with nights in the mid 60's to help cool the house back down a bit.

I think mostly my system's just a little surprised that the heat really did come. It's been so cool through most of June that I'd started to wonder if it summer was really on its way!

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Courtney said...

It's hot here, too. :(

We don't have AC either, and we just went and bought a couple of window AC units for the kids bedrooms. It was so hot in there at night that they weren't sleeping well.