Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whirlwind Updates

Long time, no blog, huh? Life’s been a little crazy around here.

- My mom was here one weekend, which was fabulous. We went shopping for maternity clothes and talked up a storm. Dave and I both got to drive her new red Prius (paid for in cash!) and add some more ideas on how to maximize her fuel economy. On Monday, we went to an uncle’s funeral out of town, which cut my mom’s visit a little short. On the way home, one of the brake calipers locked up on my car and we spent the night in Lansing at Dave’s sisters house while the brakes were repaired. I did get a chance to go to my favorite place in Lansing and get a long overdue haircut and we got to hang out with the baby and his grandma. But it also meant that we missed our FPU class and I had to reschedule my midwife appointment twice – once for the funeral and once because we got stuck. Have a mentioned that I LOVE my midwives? Or that I’m tired of my car having problems every time we’re traveling?

- The next weekend, Dave’s parents were here to visit and to help with a couple house projects. Dave and his dad installed our new faucet and water filter (Christmas presents from our parents) and I couldn’t be more thrilled. His parents came to church with us, but they had to sit by themselves since I was working in the nursery and Dave was running the sound board!

- When Dave got his March schedule last week, he realized that he had this past weekend off and it would be his last chance to attempt to go skiing this year. He grew up in northern Michigan and was on the ski team in high school. He loves skiing but hasn’t been for 3 years between being in Africa and being a very busy resident. Dave and his dad skied on Saturday and his mom and I hung out, let the hem out on my pants, picked up a sweater off the clearance rack that goes over my belly, browsed a baby name book at the local bookstore – fun stuff like that. We took Dave’s car this time and it didn’t have any problems. He did call his mom in the morning after we got back and joked with her that we had to spend the night somewhere on the way home again.

- Other than that, I’ve not been super motivated, organized or productive lately. The days keep flying by, but I’m not quite sure where they’re going. Dave’s schedule is not too crazy this month. He’s on a rotation where they get done about 5pm everyday, unless he’s on call. It’s really wonderful to have him home before 6:00 most nights, especially since I’m still trying (emphasis on trying) to get to bed somewhat early.

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Courtney said...

I'm so glad to hear the update--I've been wondering about you guys! And I'm SO JEALOUS that you went to Douglas J (at least that's my fave place to go for a haircut :)).