Monday, March 30, 2009

22 Weeks

Wow, the time is flying by and we’re more than halfway there. I’m more obviously pregnant now, which was confirmed by the comments at church yesterday. Heartburn is kicking in, but I really can’t complain. It still blows my mind sometimes to think that I’m growing a child – a new and whole person. We start our Bradley class tomorrow evening and I’ve started making a brainstorming list of things to do before August. That way, when I do have a little time and energy I can actually think of something that needs doing.

Here's the belly pic:
Of course the cat had to get in on it too!


his wife, their mama said...

You are ever so beautiful! Thanks for sharing so much with those of us that just can't be near you during this glorious time! Oh, kitty looks like he's done soem growing too!

Images said...

You look great, Sarah! So healthy and happy. I'm really excited for you.


Jungle Mom said...

You are adorable!!!And the cat is lovely too!

Christine said...

Aww! You look great! How has your Bradley class been?