Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goals for 2009

I’ve been thinking through some goals for this year. I feel like the last two months have been less than ideal and I’m struggling to get back on track in so many ways. I’m still waiting for that energy resurgence I keep hearing about after the first trimester, but I’m trying to get my life back in order even at the current reduced levels. I feel like life has been happening to me instead of me living in an intentional way. So here it goes:

1) Exercise at least 3 times a week
2) Have a healthy pregnancy and natural delivery
3) Spend 15 minutes cleaning/decluttering 3 times a week
4) Real time in prayer and Bible study every day
5) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
6) Have people over at least once a month
7) Read one book to learn from each month
8) Hike in the woods once a month
9) Go camping once per season
10) Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts at least once each month (Dave got us a membership for Christmas. If anyone wants to come with me sometime, let me know!)
11) Continue developing some good routines in my days and weeks

I feel silly even saying some of these, because they seem so small and I should be doing them anyway, but I’ve definitely learned that I need to make incremental changes in order to be effective. I’m thinking of making a sticker chart for each of these things each week. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s something that really works for me. I know that if I don’t do it, I’ll have an empty spot, and that motivates me to do it when the intrinsic motivation is not flowing.


Courtney said...

I think a sticker chart would be awesome, especially if you got a reward after a certain number of stickers. :)

I know Heidi (you knew Heidi and Jason, right?) gave birth with the Bradley method and she loved it. I'm sure there are many natural birth methods, just thought I'd throw that one out there (from my vast experience ;)).

Sarah Halter said...

I did give myself rewards for my sticker charts when I was working on my thesis. A couple times I had things I'd been saving up for, so when I had enough to get one, I said I couldn't get it until I got so many stickers on my sticker chart. This time I think I'll just go for the thrill of the stickers!

his wife, their mama said...

Let me just tell you that nothing on your list is the least bit silly! Be proud that you're searching for small, do-able changes to help you feel intentional on a daily basis! Sharing is a great first step and the sticker chart is beyond awesome. It has worked for potty training and chores in this household! I've never thought of doing it for myself, but maybe that would motivate me more!
I hope you are feeling well and enjoying all the wonderful blessings of pregnancy, even the fatigue. I always found a blessing in it, although sometimes I really had to search! You are in my thoughts everyday and I really hope to be able to see you if/when we make it back to MI in March.

Love you!

kbelcher said...

The sticker charts worked for you when you were a kid & it's good practice for being a parent!!
Love you,