Friday, October 24, 2008

Detroit Part 2: Kids Club

As you’ve seen previously, we have a number of boys who live on our block. In an effort to have a consistent time with them once school started and to establish some much needed order and boundaries for me, we have Kids Club at our house every Thursday after school. We make snacks, play games, do crafts, hang out, talk about the day and just have fun together in a safe, loving and healthy environment.

Last week we made fruit pizza. It is certainly not the healthiest snack ever, nor the most frugal, but it sure is fun! I made and baked a cookie dough crust before they came, got the “sauce” ready (cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar), and had the fruit all cut up. They spread out the “sauce,” and arranged the fruit.

Ways to pray:
- Grace for me to love these kids selflessly and sacrificially and to be patient and understanding with them
- Wisdom in advising them how to deal with difficult situations they face in their lives, including handling conflict and violence. Sometimes what I would tell them differs from what their parents would tell them or from the "rules" of the street. I know that my experiences growing up are so different than theirs and I don't always understand what they're facing, but I'm trying hard to teach them a different way.
- Healing for D from past hurts and freedom for him from anger and fear


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pizza!! And don't forget, you are nourishing their souls as well as their bodies.

Jungle Mom said...

I wanted to take this opportunity to be the first to congratulate you on the win of your candidate. Please know that though I do not agree with Obamas policies, as an American I feel extreme pride today in what our country has accomplished, we have made it possible for an African -American to be in the White house, and that is very, very cool!
God Bless America!