Thursday, October 23, 2008

Detroit Part 1: Breakthrough

A friend pointed out recently that I need to change my profile, seeing that I am no longer a graduate student. An updated profile is still coming, but in the next week or so, I'll be sharing with you several aspects of my work, life and ministry here in Detroit. We'll start with Breakthrough.

This week was the third week of the year at our Breakthrough Enrichment Program. On Tuesday nights, about a hundred kids come to Breakthrough, where they eat dinner and then have Bible, creative arts and academic enrichment classes. I co-teach the kindergarten, first grade and second grade academic classes. If the kids have homework, we help them with it, and we do activities with the rest to reinforce the skills they're learning at school. My main goals in the class are for them to know they are loved, to see that learning is fun, to develop solid reading, writing, math and problem solving skills, and to stay as close to grade level as possible.

Here are some of the precious kids that I get to teach every week. I love them so much and I am very proud of them:

Ways to pray:
- For the LORD to provide for the children's physical, emotional and spiritual needs - for adequate food, shelter and clothing, for love and security, for physical safety in their daily lives
- For a spirit of confidence and hope over self-doubt and fear, that they would not be trapped by the labels people have put on them
- That each of these kids would know Jesus and be transformed by him
- That the LORD would protect each of them from the forces of darkness that are so strong in this community
- For wisdom among the teachers and leaders as we work with the kids - to see beyond the surface to understand what they really need and to know how to deal with the various discipline and personal issues that arise

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Jungle Mom said...

Beautiful children, beautiful prayers, you are a beautiful person! May God bless you for this work to feed his sheep, physically and spiritually!