Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prayers for traveling speed

My brother is on his way home from Iraq. I didn't mention it before because his leave got switched around and he was planning to surprise my parents when he got home. He left his base on Tuesday this past week, before we knew anything with my grandma. But, I just talked to him and he's still in Kuwait. He was supposed to leave yesterday, but now he's scheduled to leave tomorrow instead. If things go well, he may get here Monday and be able to drive to Ohio. But he may not get in until Tuesday, in which case I don't know if he'd be able to get there in time. First of all, we thank God for His timing in having Scott already on the way home. But now we're praying hard too, first of all for for peace in his spirit, since he went from being super excited about coming on leave to finding out that Grandma died and realizing that all his plans for visiting with family during leave are shattered. We also need God to work in a mighty way in his travel arrangements so that he gets here in time. He is supposed to go from Kuwait to Ireland to Dallas to Louisville and then drive to Ohio. Please pray for favor, speed and safety in each leg of his travel. Thanks


Jungle Mom said...

praying even now! Are you able to share what branch he is with?

Sarah Halter said...

He's in the Army.