Saturday, December 09, 2006

A new day and a new start

I’m thankful for a new day and a new start. Mornings are always easier. This morning, it was fresh, the birds were chirping. I passed a lady wearing a kanga that said God’s grace is enough. That was a good reminder this morning. In the matatu this morning, I was also reading a book that I borrowed from the pastor’s wife that was also encouraging – reminding me to lean on God, to trust him for strength and for endurance. I know I’ve hit a wall, but it is only as you persevere through the wall that you gain new strength. I know that life isn’t always easy. I know that there are difficult times and you have to keep praising God through good and bad, persevering through good and bad. Please keep praying for me.

Dave also will be crazy busy until the day he leaves for Kenya. Please pray for him too, that he would have perseverance, that he would actually learn a lot on his current rotation (ER) and that given his schedule and mine, we’ll actually be able to talk a couple times in the next 2 weeks.

Pray too that God would prepare us to be back together again and that we would make that adjustment easily and smoothly. Thanks!

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