Thursday, December 21, 2006

Going to get Dave!!

I'm on my way to Nairobi to pick up Dave - woohoo!!! More later. The travel agent will open now, so I must go pick up my plane ticket and then catch my bus. Thanks for praying for me. I thought this time would never come, but it's here.


Anonymous said...

Sarah -

We saw Dave off at the airport today. I was glad I could be with him last night and help with the details of packing and getting to ready to leave. He got more excited the closer we got to the airport even though he tried not to show it. :) I know he is very anxious to see you and I said the flight will probably seem twice as long to both of you because of the anticipation of seeing one another again after this long separation. We are happy for you that this reunion time is finally here. Merry Christmas! Love, Cheryl

Julie said...

Sarah, I'm so excited for you guys! I pray that you will have a happy reunion and that your time together will be like a second honey moon )