Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New posts and pictures

Hi everyone. FYI, I've posted a lot of new pictures as well as posts from November 5th (2), 11th and 13th. Enjoy!

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Courtney said...

Sarah, I really liked your comments about priorities. Where we are now, we attend a church with a VERY high average family income, but we live in the city in a neighborhood with a VERY low family income. It is interesting to see the differences in priorities, but even more interesting to see the thoughts behind the "rich" people wanting to help the "poor" people. From our travels to Kosovo and Ukraine, we do not feel that even the people in our neighborhood are truly poor, although by American standards (poverty index) they certainly are. It is often frustrating for us to think of children in Ukraine (and other countries) who are stealing to have a piece of bread to eat for the day, while the people here in the US are trying to decide between the pink or purple ipod for their child for Christmas. It is truly an amazing dichotomy.