Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hi again from Nairobi

Hi everone. I'm in Nairobi and I just have a minute. I'm anxious to get started on my research, because the longer I wait, the more I can be nervous about it. I think I'll get to western Kenya on Wednesday. Tonight, we're going to braid hair and make chocolate chip cookies (yum!)

Please pray for patience for me and for wisdom as I get to Western Kenya and sort through some issues surrounding the girls we sponsor there, especially that I can resolve everything without any harm to my relationships with people. Please pray too for safe travel Monday and Tuesday. Thanks.

I have a new phone number: 011 254 733 958 840 (we're 7 hours ahead of Eastern Time), and an address for my h0st Dad, which I think I can use too:

Sarah Halter
c/o AggreyLimera
P.O. Box 12 - 50306
Khumsalaba via Luanda

Mail still takes 10-14 days and costs $.84 from the U.S.

Have a great day!

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