Monday, June 20, 2011


Living around the corner from a major hospital has several, um, advantages, especially when you're a little boy who's almost two. We hear ambulance sirens and helicopters flying over multiple times a day. I wonder how many other toddlers can distinguish between a helicopter and an airplane just by listening. Daniel loves to watch the helicopters go by and we knew he would love to see one up close.

Having a little experience with such things, Dave informed me that unloading a helicopter takes a while. If we saw one flying in to the hospital, we should have plenty of time to walk over and see it before it took off again.We've been saying for a while that we should take Daniel over to the hospital to see one. So on Saturday, when we heard a helicopter flying over just after dinner, we decided it would be a beautiful evening for a walk.

Daniel enjoyed seeing the helicopter. I think he would have really enjoyed watching it land or take off. Maybe another day. We think the crew was probably taking a dinner break.

After we saw the helicopter, Daniel pulled the wagon all the way home, pretty much by himself.

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