Saturday, February 05, 2011

This and That

- We've had the sickies visiting us the last 2 weeks, with a stomach bug and then a nasty cold. Fortunately, the stomach bug is long gone, the cold is on it's way out and we're able to get out of the house again - woo hoo! We were also very fortunate that Dave's mom was able to come for several days to help with all the fallout. Did I mention that we started moving furniture a few hours before Daniel and I got sick? We spent several days with the couch in the middle of the room blocking the bookshelf and random books and tables strewn about until we could get it all back under control.

- Daniel was pulling baking pans out of the drawer under the oven when I noticed that it was pretty dirty. I figured I might as well wipe it out while it was already half-empty. I pulled out the drawer and I was so shocked to see everything that had accumulated under the stove that I had to write it down: 5 letter magnets, spatula, pen, battery, lid from an olive oil jar, cat medicine syringe, crayon, cheerios, popcorn, twist ties, goldfish, leaf, raisins, dust bunnies, spaghetti noodles, cat food and a peanut.

- Aside from under the oven, my house stays so much cleaner now that Daniel loves to vacuum. Seriously, when I was making a list Tuesday night of fun things we could do to keep Daniel busy while we were snowbound, I wrote down "vacuum."

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Melodee said...

I'm just amazed that you actually pulled out that drawer! Not sure I would have the fortitude for it when I had a toddler. When he's done vacuuming your house, send him out here please.