Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daniel is Nine Months Old

Wow. My baby is nine months old today! He's grown and changed so much in the last few months and even in the last few weeks and days.

He's army crawling and finding new things every day to explore. Today it was the cat food dish and recycling bin in the kitchen. Yesterday was the drawers and diaper sprayer in the bathroom. And you should see him move when he's after a cord or anything electronic! While we have our work cut out for us, this is a nice stage because he can actually get where he wants to go and is a little less frustrated. Plus it's fun to see him move and to see the intensity on his face!

He'd almost always rather be walking or standing, though. He can do either hanging on to furniture, but his preferred method is holding on to mom's fingers. He can move pretty fast across the room that way. His balance is getting better every day and he's learned to grab on tighter when he starts to tip instead of just falling over. The other day, he was leaning against the tub and kept pulling his hands back - I could tell he was getting quite a thrill out of it!

He's eaten lots of foods, even though we've been a little slow about it. So far, he's had apples, bananas, pears, blueberries, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli, avocado, mango and black beans. I'm working harder now to keep introducing more things every few days. I'm not totally sure how to make the transition from pureed foods plain to more solid foods and things we're eating. I've been giving him small pieces of soft foods like bananas and avocados and he does pretty well with them. It kind of makes me wish that we'd waited a little longer and just started with more table foods. Maybe he'd like green beans better if they were in a Thai curry like ours!

He loves his daddy and gets very excited when he sees him. That's really fun for all of us! He likes to play "the shy game" where he looks at you and smiles, then hides his face, looks at you and smiles then hides his face again.

He likes to clap. He loves splashing in the bath tub. He's getting pretty good at turning the pages in our board books.

He adores his kitty (who has been very patient with him!) though he shrieks sometimes and kitty goes tearing away.

He loves playing outside and is captivated by all all he can hear, see and feel.

It's really fun to listen to him jabber. He's not quite saying words, but he definitely has sounds he makes for dad and kitty. And I'm pretty sure he was trying to say banana and dandelion. He has 6 teeth now and a couple more on the way. This is his "my teeth hurt" face.

The past nine months have been a blast and I am so glad to be Daniel's mom.


megs92 said...

Oh Sarah, what sweet photos! He has so many adorable expressions; it must be exciting to see his personality developing. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, these photos are SOOOO cute! Daniel is such a sweetie. We sure enjoyed getting to spend last weekend with him!
~ Grammy

Emily said...

Cousin! I cannot wait to meet my little cuz Daniel. I am so excited that your family will be coming out in Sept. Thank you for the stories and pictures. It reminds me of when i was watching Ander at 9 months, such a magical age!
Cousin Emily