Monday, July 06, 2009

Six Years!

Yesterday marks six years married to the best husband in the world. The last 6 years have been great, but I think this last year has been the best yet.

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, Godly husband. As much as I loved and appreciated Dave when I married him, there’s no question that I love him and appreciate him even more now. I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without him.

In honor of six great years, here are six things I love about my husband:

1) He has such a servant’s heart. There is no question that Dave is a servant: in the church, in our family, in his work. He is the one who will do whatever it takes behind the scenes to make things happen and he shows his love so well through acts of service.

2) He is cool, calm, strong, and consistent. Not much fazes him and he is amazingly steady. He is my anchor.

3) He is always willing to entertain my crazy ideas and then to really make them happen.

4) He’s cute and his blue eyes sparkle when he smiles. I’m so glad he’s mine to have and to hold.

5) He has a fun sense of humor. Sometimes I can only roll my eyes, but he makes me laugh often and he loves to hear me laugh.

6) He loves me unconditionally, as I am, not despite the way I am. He helps me to be the woman God made me to be and he shows me Jesus every day through his unconditional love.

I love you sweetie. I appreciate you very much and I’m so proud of you!


Courtney said...

Happy anniversary!! :)

kbelcher said...

Very nicely said, Sarah. What a sweet tribute to your very special husband. Congratulations on 6 wonderful years together and God's blessings for many more to come!

Love, Mom

Julie said...

I love that picture of you guys! So pretty!

#6 is beautiful. *tear*

Happy Anniversary!

Neyhart said...

Happy aniversary!

megs92 said...

Yay! 6 years, that's so special. My sister got married on July 4th and witnessing their wedding has us feeling like newlyweds again. Enjoy this special time :) ~Megan