Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Presentation Update

Just a quick update to say that I turned my draft thesis in to my committee members last week and now I'm working on preparing my presentation for Friday. I will present publicly, and then meet privately with my committee and they will decide whether I pass and what changes they think I should make to the thesis. After that, I will need to make whatever edits they recommend and then submit my final copy to the Graduate School. So there's still a lot of work left, but I'm definitely getting closer to being finished and then moving on to the next stages of life. I can't say that I feel very excited yet, but I see real progress, so it's okay! Thanks for all your prayers.

I said I would give more details about my presentation, so here it is:

You are invited to attend a thesis seminar entitled:

Self-Help Groups as a Strategy for Rural Development in Western Kenya: an Exploratory Study in Butere-Mumias District

Friday, April 25th
Rm 338 Natural Resources
Michigan State University

Presented by:
Sarah Halter
Master's Candidate in CARRS

Kenyan food provided


Neyhart said...

Still praying for you and your presentation! I'm excited for you!

Arielle said...

Good Luck!! I would come but I have my last class and have to turn in an exam :-/. I'll be thinking of you!!

kristin said...

Yay, Sarah!! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

how did it go on Friday?