Monday, February 04, 2008

The pitter patter of little feet…

Eight of them, to be precise, and they certainly go pitter patter. No, we’re not having quadruplets ☺. This weekend, we became family to Marshall and Miles, four month old kitties that we adopted from the Humane Society.

They are fun, sweet, cuddly (one touch from either of us and they purr like crazy!) and VERY playful! Anything that moves must be a toy and anything that remotely resembles a string must certainly be chased (computer cord, anybody?)

After showing them around the house, they lost no time in exploring each room, very systematically making the rounds, sniffing, looking, hiding and playing.


and Miles:

They are curious about EVERYTHING! It’s like having a toddler around the house, except they can run really fast and jump surprisingly high. Most toddlers can’t get themselves onto the bookshelves and top bunks!

But, they’re still little enough that they can both sit on my lap while I work at my computer.


Arielle said...

ADORABLE! So very cute that it makes me wish for a kitty :-). I think I actually saw this kitty pair on the humane society website last week when I was looking at the adoptables :-). Very cute!

Jungle Mom said...

I love kittens...cats, not so much,but kittens are so cute!

Jungle Mom said...

I noticed you went to Wheaton, did you by chance meet a professor there y the name of Sisk?

Sarah Halter said...

Tim Sisk is the director for the Office of Christian Outreach that does a number of outreach activities throughout the Chicago area and elsewhere. I was involved in some of those ministries, but didn't ever really know him personally. I know his name and face, though. I saw on his Wheaton webpage that he presented seminars at several BIMI conferences. Is that how you know him?

Jungle Mom said...

Yes, his father was our general Director for many years. Tim grew up in Japan and later was a missionary in Bolivia, I believe.
I knew him as a child as my parents and his were both with BIMI.
I have not seen him in years, but do try and keep tabs on where everyone is these days.

1GR8MOMMY42 said...

OMG! Your Cats are gorgeous!!