Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We got a Christmas tree last night. We’d been hoping to go cut one ourselves, but finally realized that it just wasn’t going to happen, given Dave’s schedule this year, and went to Eastern Market instead, which was way faster and easier. Since we have 9 foot ceilings now in our fab old house, we got a nice sized tree, but boy it's a lot bigger in the living room than it looked on the lot! We’ll have to remember that next year. Dave is off tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll be able to decorate the tree then.

After putting up the tree, we got out garland to put on our banister. What fun to finally have our own house, and an old one at that!

We have collected nativity scenes from around the world and have had them out for a couple weeks now. This one is from Kenya:

This is the one from Indonesia that my parents gave us for our first Christmas. Two brothers carve these and then they are sold around the world as an income generating activity:

Dave's parents gave us this one from Venezuela:


Julie said...

Your house looks awesome! I love the wood work. And your decorations look perfect :)

Mark and Courtney said...

Our trees are ALWAYS bigger than they look outside! Last year we couldn't put it where it was supposed to go since it ended up blocking a doorway! You'd think we'd learn...
And I love the nativity sets! :) Merry Christmas!!