Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We're home

Don't know if anybody's still looking at this, but I thought I'd let you know we're home. Yeah, way overdue. We've been home now for longer than we were in Malawi!

Overall, it's been a good adjustment. Not so much culture shock as the last time I came home from Kenya, but the circumstances were different. I wasn't coming straight from the village. I had a long transition home (Malawi, vacation in Tanzania), and I'm more mature and have a more balanced view of here and there. Here isn't as bad as I thought and there isn't as romantic as I had originally made it.

Some things I didn't expect. I still look the wrong way when I cross the street, especially when there's a median. I actually feel confused because I don't know which way the cars are supposed to be coming from. I've started telling myself, "Look left" just like I used to tell myself "Look right" in Africa.

I miss being in the village. I was thinking about my mzungu friend the other day and thought I should go by and see her, before realizing that I'm 2 days and $1500 away. I miss my friends, family, neighbors, especially my boys. As much as I was ready for a break when I left, I find I'm missing it now. I miss the fresh fruit (which I hardly got anyway - what am I thinking!?) I miss chapatis. I miss the sun and warmth. My tan is completely gone - I've been white now for weeks.

The next step in the journey is writing my thesis, which isn't going so well so far. I'm too far away from campus to go work there, so I'm working from home. Some days are good and some days I feel like I've accomplished nothing. And the days and weeks keep flying by! Somehow, I've got to get this done by August. I'm walking at graduation in a couple weeks so I'd better get it done. Dave graduates too. That's the only reason I decided to walk - our parents will all be here anyway, and another friend is walking with me. I know I can do it and I know it will be good in the end, but it's just hard.

So, if anybody is still reading this here and there, let me know (send me an email or post a comment.) I kind of like blogging, and think it would be interesting to continue into our adventures in Detroit, but I won't if nobody wants to read it!

Love you all,


Julie said...

Oh my goodness! Girl, I check your blog everyday! I was going to leave a comment today asking where you were and how things are going and then I saw your new post. I think you should keep up the blog. It's a great way to stay in touch :)

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation... both you and Dave. I'm so proud *sniff*. That's great that your families will be there to see it.

Since we're so much closer to each other we should set up a time to get together. Anytime you need a place to stay if you come to State you can stay with us. The kids would love it!

Mark and Courtney said...

I still check too! I've been wondering if you guys made it back okay! I TOTALLY understand the thesis writing. I wrote mine in St Louis and I now recommend to everyone not to leave school until your thesis is done. Sometimes it's just not an option, but it is so hard to do long distance. You can do it--keep up the good work!! :)

Neyhart said...

i read it too. so i think you should keep blogging :) and join facebook because then it would be even easier to keep in touch with you! :)