Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back to Normal

Today, I am back to normal. I feel like myself again. I’m enjoying the little things. I’m enjoying greeting people again instead of getting annoyed when they call me mzungu. Besides, I have most people calling me Sarah now. On the way home today, I was with a new bodaboda driver and he commented that everybody knows me. I felt proud. I had a great time with my girls today. We laughed a lot with a lot of jokes accumulated over the last 4 months. Unless you count potatoes, I haven’t eaten any vegetables in the last 4 days, except a little cabbage yesterday. Yep, back to normal! Don’t worry – I’ve been taking vitamins every day.

I have 9 more days until Dave comes. Each one seems really long, but there’s so much work to do in the next 9 days that hopefully it will pass quickly. I decided to go and meet him in Nairobi instead of waiting for him in Kisumu. That will give me the chance to do a little shopping there before he comes and it might give me the chance to see a friend of mine who will be nearby. The things I need to get give me a good excuse to go, and I knew that the 13 hours from the time he got to Nairobi to the time he got to Kisumu the next morning would be torturous. It means I’ll buy a plane ticket to fly with him from Nairobi to Kisumu, as long as the airport is open again. They’ve been closed since Thanksgiving fixing the runway. In the beginning of November, Kenya Airways refused to fly in or out of Kisumu until they fixed the runway. The airport maintained that the runway was fine. Then after a month of rain, they said that the runway had been damaged and needed to be fixed. Good way to save face. The last I heard, it was supposed to be done today, so we’ll see what I find when I go back to Kisumu on Saturday. If it’s not done by then, I’ll go ahead and buy us 2 bus tickets to come from Nairobi. We’ll see.

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