Monday, September 18, 2006

Things I Miss

I’m starting to miss things about being home. I miss having a variety of food. I miss good Mexican, Indian and Thai food. I miss Detroit. I miss my stove, over and kitchen gadgets. I miss my church. I miss being able to visit my parents’ house and Dave’s parents’ house. Not that we went all that often, it’s just the idea that I can’t go. I want my Dad to make me homemade tacos and enchiladas. I miss being able to go places on my own and just hang out. I miss being with my husband. I miss being able to get up in the morning, bathe, make breakfast and be ready without having to depend on other people to heat water, make tea and go to the shop for bread. I miss having electricity at night. I miss being able to talk to Dave, my parents and other friends on a regular basis. I miss cooking for myself and deciding what I will eat.


Anonymous said...

And we miss you, Sarah! A big hug from us to you - Bob and Cheryl

kate said...

wow... I can only imagine! Your post above made me really miss the changing colors of the leaves. I recently moved form the Northeast US to the DEEEEEEP south! Florida! Its been interesting but, like you I am hankering for some of home. Gotta make the best of it though and take it for the adventure that it is! Yours sounds awsome!!!!! I;ll come back to read more!

cheers! Kate

Megan (of GPA fame) said...

I can sympathize with all of these things - and I know I will feel them even more acutely when I go back for my field research. I hope that you are able to hang in there! I wonder if what you are feeling is similar to what elderly people feel as they age and are unable to do things for themselves?