Friday, June 12, 2009

32 weeks

- The baby has been hiccupping. It’s interesting to feel the difference between hard core kicks and punches and the light, rhythmic bouncing of hiccups. At my appointment this week, we could hear the hiccups along with the heartbeat on the Doppler. That was pretty sweet.

- I’m definitely more tired than I was in the middle of pregnancy. Even though I knew that energy levels tend to go down in the third trimester, I don’t think I believed it would really happen! It took me a bit by surprise and I was a bit bummed that I was getting tired so easily. I appreciate more that I’m done working and can take things slow and rest when I need to.

- Even though it doesn’t always seem bigger to me, my belly is definitely growing. Lots of people at church have been commenting and I have lovely purple lines all over my belly to show me it’s true! ☺ It’s also getting a little less comfortable to bend over or lean forward.

- We have some cloth diapers in the house!! We’re borrowing some newborn size Kissaluvs from a friend. I’d still like a few of several other types, but I was thrilled to have some diapers and I called my mom the day I picked them up just to tell her we have diapers in the house! Honestly, there have been some days when I was looking at cloth diapers that I was just as excited about them as I was about the baby, though I’m definitely more excited about the baby now that we’re getting closer.

- On that note (getting closer and more excited), I’m feeling very comfortable and confident about the birth. At our last Bradley class (a week and a half ago), I was still feeling like we’re so not ready, but after having a number of random conversations in various contexts about birth this week, I realized that we do know our stuff and we are very well prepared. There are still more things we’d like to do and practice, but overall I’m very comfortable with the choices we’ve made, my birth team and our ability to do this well. We picked a doula this week too, which definitely helps me feel more prepared. We have some specific things we’ll be working on with her.

- We have a stroller! I took the cat for a ride around the house the day we unpacked it and he lasted about 3 rooms before he jumped out. I went walking with a friend this morning and pushed her (almost) 3 year old in it. It was great and he loved how far the sunshade came down.

- I’m done working and can really focus on getting ready for the baby and getting the house in order. I’m also hopeful that I’ll be able to squeeze some more exercise and sleep into my schedule. Dave moved his desk and computer and I’ve been making some small progress on going through papers, piles and the like.

- I slipped and fell on the stairs a couple weeks ago. Definitely the crying because I’m scared way more than because it hurts thing, just like kids do. Dave heard me fall and came running, comforted me and helped me breath again. Aside from a few days of sore neck, back, hips and head from hitting the stairs, everything was fine. I’m grateful for lots of good cushioning around the baby.

- I hula-hooped recently. My cousin had an adult sized and weighted hula hoop and once I got over the worry of putting too much pressure on my belly, I did pretty well and it was a lot of fun. She said they make ones designed for pregnant women too, but I don’t think I’ll pursue it ☺

- That’s all (ha!) I can think of for now. I don’t have any recent pictures, but we’ll see if we can take one tomorrow.


Ruth Chowdhury said...

Thanks for walking with us today, Sarah! Sam (& I!) really liked your stroller. Good choice. ;)

You're looking beautiful & it sounds like everything is coming together. I'm so excited for you!

Sister George said...

It is so good to get an update! Sounds like everything is going well. Sending you and the little one much love!

his wife, their mama said...

So wonderful to hear how you're doing. YOu so sound together, so much more together than I feel now, after having 3!! I think of you daily and miss you just as much! Luv to you and the wee one.