Monday, May 05, 2008

Odds and Ends

Just a few odds and ends to share today:

1. The brakes on Dave’s car went out on his way home from work today. On a busy highway. In the middle of a construction zone. At rush hour. Eek! He managed to get off onto the side, downshift and stop himself without hitting anybody or anything. Did I mention it was the middle of a construction zone? While waiting for the tow truck, he said he saw several near collisions, and that’s with brakes that work! Praise God that he didn’t hit anything or get hit by anybody! Right now, I’m waiting for him to call back and tell me he’s ready to be picked up at the mechanic’s shop.

2. We have a million ice cream trucks that come through our neighborhood every day. What really cracks me up is the one that plays La Cucaracha. Come on, who in their right mind would buy ice cream from a truck playing a song about a cockroach!?!?

3. Another thing that cracks me up is that my neighborhood CVS has had the same 20 bottles of self-tanning lotion on the clearance rack for like the last 4 months! Um, did I mention my neighborhood is 96% African American? Need I say more?

4. Now that I have a site meter on my blog, I can see google searches that have lead people to my blog. While they’re not as interesting as, say Jungle Mom’s or Jackie’s, it’s been fun to see what’s brought people to my blog. Here are a few, and mind you, these are the links people actually clicked, though I’m not sure they got what they were looking for on my blog!

Zambia bus schedule
How to start over again
Reflections on transition
kenyan graduation regalia
pictures of kids toys in malawi
village images in western Kenya
paradoxical view
unique uses for peanut butter
Mulanje pizza photo (I looked at the google search page, and I was shocked how many blogs come up for “mulanje pizza photo”. Apparently, the pizza place must be the only place to eat after climbing Mt. Mulanje in Malawi!)

I’ve also had lots of people from various parts of the world come looking for pictures of Lake Malawi. Maybe since it’s gotten more hits, it’s moved up on the google search results? Makes me wish I’d taken more pictures of it or said something more interesting about it!


Jungle Mom said...

I titled a post last week 'Elvis is Alive', you should see the hits on that one!!!

Sarah Halter said...

I bet! Hope you don't mind I linked to you. I didn't know where to ask.

Jungle Mom said...

No problem at all! I'm honored.